Wednesday night, Young Professionals for Nina held a fundraiser. While mingling with supporters, I heard people talking about the challenges of living in Nassau County as a young person. Legislator Kevan Abrahams spoke about how Nassau is one of the best places in the country to live. We have vibrant communities, excellent schools, beautiful parks and plenty of opportunity. But when you add student loans to the property taxes and high rents in Nassau it is difficult for those of us who are saving to get married and start a family, or who already have small children to get by on a middle class salary.

Next generation housing has always been important to Nina. She has proposed an increase in housing developments which will be able to accommodate young single people as well as small families. In addition, Nina's plans to revitalize the downtown areas will create both jobs and destinations where people can shop and hang out without having to spend too much money on gas, train or bus tickets.

John Ciotti has been in office 14 years and has not done a single thing to create more housing for young people. We deserve a county legislator who pays attention to the needs of the community. Nina has the skills to make things happen in the legislature. She's been recognized as one of the top "30 under 30" professionals on Long Island. This distinction makes Nina an outstanding choice to represent the 3rd district. She knows the obstacles facing those of us who grew up in Nassau County but are finding it hard to stay. That makes her the right person to lead on the important issue on keeping young people on Long Island.

We love our home and we want to stay here. Support Nina to help make it happen.
Last month at a fundraiser for Nina, Nassau County Legislator Dave Mejias introduced Nina to the crowd. “More and more people are voting for the person, not the party,” he said. Legislator Mejias emphasized that all citizens, whether Democrat or Republican, can help to end corruption. He spoke about the need for honesty and openness in local government, and emphasized that there is a need for reform, even here in Nassau County.

Nina is dedicated to this vision as well. It’s why she has called for an independent prosecutor to investigate the land acquisition and the hiring practices of the Oyster Bay Mill Pond Deal. As a Nassau County Legislator, Nina will continue to serve the needs of the community and fight for Nassau’s families.
No one said it would be easy to challenge Joe Mondello’s GOP machine in Nassau County. But Nina Petraro Bastardi has remained poised and focused on the task at hand. She has met hundreds of families throughout the district to speak about their concerns.

Nina even helped the residents of Franklin Square force the Town of Hempstead to negotiate with Metro PCS and remove unwanted cell towers from their residential streets. People are taking notice of her steadfast work ethic and passion for leadership and public service.

Her opponents are noticing too, and they can't stand it. From John Ciotti calling a grown, married woman who is an attorney admitted to the bar "a girl" to the incomprehensibly bitter comments of Glenn Beck writers when her name is mentioned in passing at cocktail parties, many are obviously threatened by Nina. And how are they reacting to this threat?

With more hard work and honest campaigning? None that we can see. John Ciotti is combining official duties with campaign events. Joe Mondello called Nina "an abomination" at an official Republican party event. And the latest outrage, Vincent Mucscarella (R-Garden City), a sitting member of the county legislature, says Nina needs to be taught a lesson.

Mr. Muscarella, is that a threat? It sure sounds like one. Your party does not have a good record with engaging women opponents without coming off as horribly sexist. And it's not the first time GOP Thugs have threatened Nina or her family. The Democrats have been upright and respectful in this contest, and will remain that way until the end. I don't know what kind of "lesson" you think Nina needs to be taught, but if it's one where the outcome is revealed on Election night, we are ready for the challenge. The voters know it's time for a change, and in the end, you won't be the only one who has learned something new.