How it all began...

Nina is an attorney specializing in land use and zoning law - making her a perfect fit for the Nassau County Legislature.  She has offered new solutions to deal with the "brain drain" here on Long Island and has proposed the consolidation of sanitary, water and sewage districts to lessen our property tax burden.

Nina is doing her part to break up the 'old boys club' of which her opponent is a card carrying member.

Unfortunately, when women decide to run for office, they are often met with misogynistic attacks by their opponents.  Nina is no exception.  Slurs have been flung at her.  Her education has been degraded (I guess a summa cum laude graduate just isn't good enough these days).  And at her announcement, Republicans screamed at her "Did Tom [Suozzi] tell you to say that last night?" while she was speaking.  The time has come for change.  That's why you should go to to support her campaign today!

Not just "some girl"

When asked who he's running against, Nina Petraro Bastardi's opponent answers "Oh, just some girl." 

Just some girl?

We think not!

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